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365 days of business. 365 days of holiday.

The first 3 days of the event are dedicated to professionals. During the following 2 days, BTL opens its doors to the general public.

BTL is an event full of challenges and proposals. For professionals working in the tourism sector it is an opportunity to find professional buyers, to know the competition. To analyse market trends and position your offer in an innovative and competitive way.

For the public, this is the opportunity to discover new destinations and solutions. To compare proposals and buy at highly competitive prices. All this in a spectacular environment of festivity, colour and joy, where music and gastronomy are ever-present.

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List of 2018 Exhibitors

BTL 2019 is coming!

2018 was a great year for BTL. 2019 promises to be even better.

Fostering new contacts and promoting the best deals is one of the premises of BTL 2019. Something which so far has been achieved with remarkable success, very much due to the capacity to innovate and anticipate market needs.

The 2018 results speak for themselves. BTL is increasingly one of the most important tourism fairs in the world.

Hosted Buyers Programme

The Hosted Buyers Programme aims to ensure the presence of high-level professionals with the power of decision in the various sectors represented at the fair. It creates the ideal conditions for international buyers to visit the trade fair and do business with exhibiting companies.

The success of this programme has been truly remarkable.

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