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Hosted Buyers Programme 2018

Hosted Buyers (HB)
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The Hosted Buyers Programme

The Hosted Buyers Programme, organised by BTL in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and TAP Air Portugal, aims to attract International Buyers, specifically interested in Destination Portugal.

Participation in this programme is possible only by direct Invitation from the Organisation or partner entities, in the different markets.

Through this programme we support the presence of these buyers, offering flights, accommodation, transfers, the possibility of scheduling meetings, participation in the predefined Social Programme, as well as follow-up during the fair visit days.

If you are an international buyer and would like to participate in the BTL Hosted Buyers Programme, please register your interest. Participation subject to approval by the organization.

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Participation in the International Buyers / Hosted Buyers programme involves the scheduling of a minimum number of 7 meetings per day with the exhibiting companies.

After confirming participation, the International Buyers / Hosted Buyers will be sent a Link that will give them access to a platform with information on the profile of the exhibiting companies, confirm the product or service they are searching for and schedule the meetings directly.

The meetings are scheduled prior to the fair, through the Internet, using the aforementioned platform for that purpose.

The International Buyer / Hosted Buyer obtains a list of the scheduled meetings, with the date, time, company and person to be contacted, directly from the system.

The scheduled meetings will take place in the exhibitors stands, at the BTL pavilions.

The International Buyers who integrate the Programme may also take part in one of the existing Pre or Post Tours to the different regions of Portugal.

The intent to participate is directly articulated with the Partner entities, in their corresponding markets.

Very important: Participation in Pre or Pos Tours have to be confirmed by the different Regions.

Participation in the Pre and Pos Tours will be dependent on the quotas to be allocated by the various regions to the different markets, and the number of available places.


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