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The Hosted Buyers Program | Buyers organized by BTL aims to support the arrival of International Buyers, with a specific interest in Destination Portugal.

How does the program work?

Through this program, we support the arrival of these buyers, providing special conditions: discounts on flights, accommodation, transfers, the possibility of scheduling meetings, participation in the pre-defined Social Program, as well as support during the days of visiting the event.

Hosted Buyers
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Focus on results.

One of the main objectives of BTL and its partners, Turismo de Portugal and TAP, is to reinforce the quality and representation of the different segments of the Hosted Buyers Program.

In 2023, BTL had the presence of 120 Hosted B uyers from 25 markets. The number of exhibitors who participated in this program was 235 and the scheduled meetings reached a record number of 2000.

If you are a foreign professional in the Tourism sector and wish to apply for the Hosted Buyers/Buyers program

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