Madeira is the Highlighted National Destination of the 29th edition of the Lisbon Tourism Exchange. BTL, the largest tourism event in Portugal, will take place at FIL, Parque das Nações, from March 15 to 19, 2017.

Madeira, a destination of excellence in great demand with both national and foreign tourists, was awarded several international prizes recognised by the tourism sector. This year it was badly hit by fires, despite which, not losing its charm, natural beauty and friendliness of its inhabitants, leading FIL, the AIP Foundation, to bet on the various tourism segments of this Autonomous Region. According to the President of the Board of Madeira’s Promotion Association, Eduardo Jesus, “it was with great satisfaction that Madeira accepted the challenge, set by the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, to be the highlighted destination of the next edition of this important event. This is an excellent opportunity to promote the image of Madeira in what is the most respected and recognised fair of the sector in Portugal.”

Madeira has been represented with vigor and charm at BTL year after year, with an ever renewed stand. Its presence at BTL 2016, with the motto “Discover Madeira”, was a success and Eduardo Jesus said he hopes “to surpass the success of our participation this year

[2016], continuing with the project” of this region, which represents “much more than a tourist destination, where the sea, nature and lifestyle can be experienced all year round.”

Eduardo Jesus concludes that “this news could not be more timely, having been recognised as the best island destination in Europe and at a time when all of Madeira’s tourism production indicators are growing.” He anticipates, “that this could turn out to be the best year ever for the regional tourism sector.”